Dear Friend,

Please help us care for a dog or cat in need. Your contribution, large or small, will help to underwrite veterinarian care for a sick or injured animal in our clinic, or a pet who brings affection and comfort to a lonely elderly person on a very small income. Or, it could help feed, medicate, and neuter a dog or cat in our Adoption Center. If you have a well-loved pet, think of all the homeless animals who long to have the same good fortune. By supporting our Animal Emergency Appeal you will be helping a disadvantaged one whose life needs may be small but who depends on your generosity for its survival. The Society is more than an essential hospital to the community, we are often the only lifeline that people can turn to when their pets are seriously ill. We always help pet owners with financial limitations, but now we are seeing people that have lost their jobs and they do not know when or if they will be employed again. Please know that your support, now more than ever, is greatly appreciated.


Virginia Chipurnoi

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